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CESSCO'S Accudose Fly Control Spray System

Cessco's Accudosse Fly ControlCESSCO'S Accudose Fly Control Spray System is a pressurized system that utilizes solenoid valves to dispense the chemical. When the solenoid valves are energized, each nozzle releases a spray with a particle size spray between 15-20 microns, approximately the same size as Cessco's insecticide aerosols. Copper tubing and compression fittings are used in the installation of the system. The system can be activated manually or by the timer. Chemical for the system is supplied in various size cylinders. The system has an operating pressure of approximately 75 to 100 PSI.

Solenoid valves are available for 12 or 120 volt AC service. Cessco offers turnkey installation for 12 volt systems.

Cessco custom designs
installs and services
every system it sells

What Puts Us Ahead

  1. Cessco's Accudosse Fly ControlCessco has over 50 years experience in the installation and maintenance of pest control systems.
  2. Cessco's Accudose Insecticide Aerosol has 40% more Pyrethrin than the industrial standard. Because of this high percentage, our system is activated on an average of only 15 seconds per day. Our competitor's system must be activated on an average of 30 seconds three times a day. Why waste so much chemical to do a second rate job?
  3. Cessco's Pyrethrin formulations are petroleum based and have no product deterioration. Our competitor's water based Pyrethrin formulation begins to deteriorate immediately, losing most of its killing power after a month.
  4. Cessco's pressurized system delivers a precise dosage every time the system is activated. Our competitor's pump system gives uneven, wet spray much like a perforated hose. The results are that the front part of the system is usually over treated and the end of the system is under treated. This uneven pressure often times causes puddling.
  5. With a Cessco Fly Control System there is no mixing chemicals on your part, no messy liquids to handle. In fact, we service the system and hook up your refills at no additional charge.

A Word About Pyrethrin

Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide produced by Chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethrin is a mixture of 6 similar chemicals that, on contact, causes a sudden paralysis in most insects. This characteristic makes it very desirable where people like to see immediate and effective results. These chemicals jam the nerves so that the muscles refuse to work. Paralysis of the respiratory system is likely the cause of death.

Pyrethrin is frequently combined with chemicals called synergists, like piperonyl butoxide, that increase the toxicity of Pyrethrin to insects. This is necessary because Pyrethrin is broken down quickly in the insects tissue, so that, while the insects are momentarily paralyzed, they soon recover. The synergist ties up the enzymes that break down Pyrethrin, thus killing the insect before it can recover.

Pyrethrin is recommended for use against almost any insect but especially useful in controlling flying insects.

Pyrethrin is nearly harmless to warm blooded animals, however, it should not be allowed to contaminate water as it is highly toxic to fish and aquatic insects. Useful insects, like honeybees, will be killed along with the pests.

Pyrethrin is one of the safest insecticides known for humans and their domestic animals. This does not mean that people can handle Pyrethrin carelessly.

Pesticides are poisons, otherwise they would not kill. THEY SHOULD BE HANDLED WITH CARE: Read the label before using, following directions, and don't exceed the rate recommended.

EPA Approved For:

  • Horse Stables
  • COCOA Bean Warehouse
  • Sweet Potato Warehouse
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Decks & Patios

Accudose Automatic Insect Control System

ACCUDOSE Provides Total Control of Flying Insects in Your Horse Stables, Outdoor Pools, Decks and Grounds, and Warehouses.

  • Automatic
  • No Chemical Mixing
  • No Labor
  • Economical
  • Custom Designed for Your Needs
  • Totally Effective
  • No Maintenance Required

Accudose is the result of 20 years of research. The system is ecologically correct, applying only the required amounts of insecticide at predetermined intervals. No manual labor is required in the operation of the system, thus eliminating the danger of human error and saving time and labor.

Accudose provides the owner with trouble free service and is now being successfully used in horse barns, feedlots, cattle, hog, chicken and all other livestock and commercial operations.